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After almost two years of sleep derivation we’re finally getting a few hours of sleep these days. We stopped nexium two weeks ago and were wondering what to do next because it didn’t seem like it helped at all. But every other day for the past week Nael has been sleeping 6 hours straight without getting up in between (YAYEE!!). The first time was a bit too weird because I put him to sleep at 9 and passed out myself, 6 hours later I woke up frantically realizing how long it’s been and he hadn’t even twitched. Immediately I thought something was wrong and I had to check if he was still breathing (Yes it was that weird because that never happens). So now we have one gassy or teething night every other day which is much better then before. Getting some sleep has also made me a better parent. I don’t want to kill myself every time he’s throwing a tantrum I’m actually dealing with it like an adult!! Who knew getting a few hours of┬ássleep everyday would do so much good. Although I must admit I’m not used to sleeping all night anymore so after 5 hours I’m pretty much done sleeping and I wait for the sun to come out. He’s been happier and more independant, doesn’t really seem to want me to play with him much. And I’ve been so well rested that I’m bored now as a result of which I have been stuffing my face with everything and anything. Of course I’ve put on a few pounds that I’m dreading now but I just can’t seem to stop myself, food is all I have left in life. Next step : lose weight, stop sneaking into Nael’s bed at night and get a life!!! Oh also potty training, this child needs to stop pooping while standing even animals tend to squat!!!

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