Labor Day weekend!!!

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Long live long weekends!! So much time and nothing to do however this weekend I had decided to take Nael to the kiddy pool and help him get over his fear of water. Also hoping that it would help me somewhat because I’m tired of making small puddles outside for his highness to kick in everyday. When Nael was 6 months we used to take him swimming in a proper pool. He used to love it and it helped him sleep a little better (and earlier). However, this time wasn’t so fun for him. He did NOT want to go near the water. I found that weird because a month ago we went to the same pool for a play date and he seemed to love the water. But Ive come to realize that this kid is a copy cat or a show off, he only does what he sees other kids doing and he tries to do it better. But on his own he’s a big fat chicken, well a skinny chicken if not a fat one. Two days and $30 bucks later he was somewhat comfortable in the water but the mission is to get him to be comfortable in the big pool so I can enroll him for swimming and avoid the screaming and kicking. Ive come to realize kids need new activities to stay happy and since we don’t do playgroup everyday the next best option would be swimming. Also hoping that maybe this would help him sleep more hours at a stretch!!! I’m not selfish but I need my sanity!

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