Little wildlings!

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I’m one of those parents who like to provide their child with some ‘controlled’ fun. On several occasions I’ve been seen dragging my toddler away from a scene of conflict or if he’s having one of his melt downs. Sometimes I give him space and let him handle his situation on his own but I have NEVER allowed him to snatch someone’s toy or bully someone. Although that’s sadly not the case with a lot of parents I’ve seen recently. One of his regular play date is this really bratty child. I often hope that maybe someday her mother would intervene and tell her to stop snatching or stop HITTING. I mean for crying out loud you’re sitting there, watching your little queen of brats hitting my child can you stop laughing and keep her paws off my child. At times I want to scream at Nael to try and defend himself. This child wont even fight over his own favorite toys, he’ll just let her snatch them and stares at me to do something about it. And here’s the worst part if he doesn’t give up and sees a child cry over it he’ll just go and give it to him or her because he’s such adear(not). He can fight and scream at me if I don’t let him have something but with other kids he’ll just suck it up. To top of yesterday’s drama today he was bullied by two random girls at the museum. One didn’t have her mother around but this other one was like a rabid dog off her leash. She went around throwing stuff with the intent of damaging property right infront of her frichin mother!!! And don’t even get me started on the mother who was inches away completely zoned out. Parents who can’t discipline their child shouldn’t have kids. If you can’t control your little wildlings then keep them indoors so they can’t spoil the fun for all the other kids who are out to have some fun.

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