Potty training 101

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I’ve heard plenty of times that it’s never too early to start potty training. I guess I really wanted to start and I didn’t worry much about how obsessive I became.
So for two days I kept poking Nael and asked him if he had poo’d like atleast every 20 minutes. I thought maybe he’ll start telling me when he goes. He didn’t just not tell me but he’s already started lying to my face. I ask and he just turns around and shakes his head even if he’s in the process of emptying out his stomach. But I guess I did take it to another level because the Poor thing got so annoyed that after two days of my constant nagging he answered back.
Me: Nael did you poo?
Nael: *playing quietly, not answering*
Me: Did you poo Nael? Well?! Are you going to answer? Nael?! NAEL?!! Did you poo?
Nael: finally looks up with an annoyed face ‘ NOoo!! It’s empta (empty) smacks down his monster truck and walks out of the room.

I’ve been warned kids become little teenagers once they hit two I guess mine’s starting a bit early. Been getting a lot of attitude lately 😳 from an almost two year old!!! Who knew

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