Sleep Deprived

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I’ve heard a lot of mom’s saying ‘once he’s weaned he’ll sleep through the night’- WRONG AGAIN !! Or at least it isn’t so for us. Now we get up about four times during the night and instead of being able to comfortably nurse him to sleep I actually have to drag myself out of bed to comfort him and help him go back to sleep. This is NOT what I had in mind , I had been dreaming of the day I wean him and he would be sleeping through the night. It’s been a constant roller coaster with this kid, it’s not supposed to be this difficult or at least that’s what I have been told. I miss sleeping through the night and feeling sane in the morning or havingn the energy to do something productive during the day. I don’t understand how this child functions without enough sleep. People tell me ‘let him cry it out’ but I can’t get myself to do that- ¬†mainly because he has had such a rough time, I can never tell if he’s crying because of gas or just because it’s fun. I feel like I’m probably the worst parent on this planet but I can’t change it – 20 months with bare minimum sleep , this was bound to happen sooner or later. In a few more months I’ll probably be walking around with my hair pulled out holding a can of red bull to get myself to function. Life !!!

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