The Little Refluxer

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Apparently there’s a support group for parents whose babies suffer from acid reflux. Who knew ! What I fail to understand is why nothing in this world can help a baby with reflux. Every mother or father who writes about reflux has the same question.

  • Hold the baby upright for 30 minutes after every feeding. (Burp the baby frequently preferably after every ounce if bottle feeding and if breastfeeding try burping every time he/she lets go)
  • Try Omeprazole or Ranitidine (FYI Omeprazole gave him gas and made him even more uncomfortable – I couldn’t find a reference anywhere online but I’ve tried it twice on him and the result was the same , so be careful)
  • Elevate the crib mattress or let the baby sleep on an inclined surface like a bouncer, carseat or try the day dreamer sleeper.
  • A little gripe water mixed with water helps at time. Especially if you hear a gurgle sound when he cries or sometimes you can feel it when you put your hand on his back.
  • Our pediatrician also recommended thickening BME or Formula with Rice cereal.( Add 1 scoop of cereal with 1 scoop of formula or add 1.5 scoops of cereal with 2 Ounces of BME)

I tried everything and still could not help Nael feel better. I was practically holding him all day long as difficult as that was it was still better than him crying.No matter what I did I had to put him down to change his diaper and that was a complete disaster. I had to breastfeed him while standing which was not at all comfortable and the stress of it all was depleting my milk supply. I started taking fenugreek pills by GNC to keep my supply up because the stress wasn’t going anywhere. Somehow he discovered that if he drank less he won’t feel sick so he decided to feed for 5 to 8 minutes instead of 20. With him being a low birth weight baby that seemed to have slowed down his growth. The two problems combined had us worried sick , we were concerned that it would eventually have an effect on his development. Pre-Crawl And yes it did slow him down , when he started solids his spit up went down tremendously. But since we couldn’t give him tummy time earlier he didn’t have the strength he needed to sit up , crawl or even play for long. He is still underweight and seems to be fighting really hard to be able to crawl. 11   But he was behind all the kids I knew , he wasn’t sitting up at six months like others. He’s 8 months now and he still can’t get up and sit but he will sit if I put him down in a sitting position. But at least that’s something ! Our pediatrician recommended using an exersaucer which helped a lot. Kept him upright, helped him stand and got him sitting after a few days of use. Crawling is yet another task that he still has to master, he recently started doing the ‘injured soldier’ but is screaming while he’s doing it. It seems like there’s always one thing after another and it just doesn’t get any easier on him.


Here are some links that I found helpful when I was looking for help:

I hope these help someone out there !

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