The ‘R’ word

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Once again we’re dealings with reflux like symptoms. Frequent late night waking and extremely painful gas. Our doctor suggested that we should try Nexium. We’re hoping that this might be the answer to the problem but I don’t have really high hopes. I feel like we have exhausted all our options and the last resort would be to go to a GI. I was okay with a trip to the GI until my doctor warned me that they would probably do an endoscopy. I don’t want to put him through that unless I’ve tried every non invasive method to help him get through. We stopped giving Zantac at 13 months because he stopped spitting up but what if he’s just gulping down the spit up? I’m really scared of what’s to come. Yesterday I gave him his first dose of Nexium half of which he wasted. My heart skipped a beat when he spilled his medicine. Apparently that’s one of the few medicines not covered by insurance and we paid about $400 for 30 doses. Why won’t insurance cover it? There are a thousand kids that have reflux and some have it worse then others. I would think that this should have been covered by insurance since it’s probably a basic need for many kids out there. Anyways the best part being I feel like it worked , he didn’t once scream without apparent reason. He was happier,calmer and patient through out the day. I hope this is the answer to his behavioral issues.

Here’s a blog I found that helped me realize that he may have reflux. This has by far the best information on acid reflux and gas pains.

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